Carpet Protectant

Scotchgard Fiber Protector


Protect Your Investment!

Protect your carpets and upholstery from food and drink spills. We provide a Scotchgard service with our other services to repel water on the fiber service, giving you that valuable extra time to blot the floor, thus helping to prevent permanent staining. We do this by applying a Scotchgard water repellent to the fibers which help create surface tension so that spills bead on the surface for a while rather than sinking straight into the fiber.

Scotchgard Protection Service

Scotchgard protection and Fabric guard are additional services that we offer. We believe that it is important to ensure that our cleaning services last long after we are gone. Once you have had your carpets and furniture cleaned professionally you will certainly notice a huge difference. A layer or film of dirt will be lifted off and your nice clean fabrics and carpets will look new again. It really is quite the transformation in some homes. To add to the longevity of this clean, you can add Scotchgard protection and fabric guard protection to your carpets and furniture. This is a safe chemical that will make the fibers slick and allow the dirt to not embed itself in and harbor. This also allows the fibers to slip past each other freely, which will ensure that the carpet will last for years to come. Many of our busy lives involve having kids and pets in our home. These little guys can wreak some serious havoc on our carpets and furniture. They eat, walk-in with mud, and roll around in the dirt and grim to carry inside. Without any carpet protection stains can quickly form and spots throughout the carpet where there was a spill or a pet accident. Soon your carpets may be vacuumed every day, however, they simply do not come clean with vacuuming.


Professional Scotchgard Protection Application

We offer a professional application of Scotchgard protection and Fabricgard protection. This application allows you to wait longer between cleanings and still have your carpets and furniture looking their best. We are carpet cleaning professionals that take the time to study which protection works best for high and low traffic areas. Scotchgard protection helps to protect from oil as well as water-based stains. This means that if the kids eat potato chips from the couch cushion, you probably will not see a stain, surprisingly. We have all been there, dropped a glass of wine, had a hamburger slip from a plate, or have a muddy dog go running through the house. However, having Scotchgard protection means that you are covered. Give yourself peace of mind that your investment has the best coverage possible. We work with homeowners to get the stains and spots out to simply doing a good deep cleaning to get their home looking and smelling its very best.


Cleaner Air!

Your carpet is actually a huge air filter in your home. When it is not working properly you’ll notice that your home gets far dustier. This is because it cannot filter the dust out of the air. We can vacuum every day, however, over time even the Scotchgard Protection starts to wear off. We can tell because the carpets and furniture have this sort of haze about them. When that happens it is time to call on the professionals to give your carpets and furniture a specialist clean followed by a Scotchgard Protectant treatment for that added layer of protection against spillages again.

Fabric Protector

Extended the life of your upholstery fabrics by taking advantage of our Fabric Protection Service! Fabric protector will extend and prolong the life of your upholstery, giving it added protection against UV sun-fading and a shield against water-based and oil spills on the surface. This Easier helps with the removal of otherwise stubborn stains as the spillage will sit on the surface tension of the applied fabric protector, giving you extra time to tackle the liquid before it causes any lasting damage. This type of application is also an environmental boost with fewer chemicals and water required. After application, the protectant creates an invisible barrier that shields seat fabrics and carpet fibres from dirt, fluids, dust particles and other unwanted debris. Left unprotected, textiles can be stained and damaged.

Love Your Furniture!

Your furniture is where they snack and play and their little crumby fingers are forever touching the arms of the chair and it shows. You notice that your furniture doesn’t come clean with a simple scrubbing of a wet towel. However, with Scotchgard protection, it will. Scotchgard protection protects the fabric and carpet from absorbing any oils or liquids. It will give it a liquid barrier that will allow you to simply wipe up the liquid with ease.