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Bluegrass Cleaning Company offers expert tile & stone cleaning services to make all your hard floors look like new. Our experienced technicians are thoroughly trained to handle your job with care and expertise, protecting your flooring while restoring their natural beauty through our specialized cleaning protocol.

When was the last time you had the tile and grout surfaces in your home cleaned and sealed? If you can’t remember, or if it’s been a while, now is the time! The tile and grout surfaces in your home can easily become dirty and unattractive, which is why they need to be periodically cleaned and sealed.

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Our Tile Cleaning Process

We always follow IICRC cleaning guidelines when working on your hard surfaces. Our cleaning process consists of the following steps:

  • Initial Inspection: We consider visible damage, stains, fading, color instability, wear, and other factors when determining the most appropriate cleaning method.

  • Pre-Vacuuming: Using commercial-grade backpack vacuums we remove all the dust, hairs, dander, and other insoluble debris.

  • Edging: All baseboards, corners, and other hard to reach places are thoroughly vacuumed.

  • Pre-Treatment: This process targets heavily soiled areas such as grout lines and high traffic areas.

  • Agitation: The agitation process helps loosen stains and soil. We use either slow speed rotaries or oscillating pad machines for this step.

  • Extraction: Hot steam rinse and extraction draw out loosened stains and soil.

  • Speed Drying: Specialized tools create air movement so the water can evaporate quickly.

  • Clear Seal (Option A): Once the clean has been completed and the floors are dry we will apply a clear sealant to the tile and grout.

  • Color Seal (Option B): For an additional cost we can "stain" the grout lines in over 16 different colors. This is a premium sealant and will last for many years if the floors are maintained properly.

  • Post-Cleaning Inspection: We check to make sure your hard surface cleaning meets our rigorous quality standards and show you the final results.

Best Equipment

Our advanced equipment provides our customers with a deeper cleaning.

Natural Products

We only use natural products in the process. No toxic fumes or odors.

Experienced Staff

Professional, friendly, and experienced staff are ready to serve you.

Fast Service

Easy and convenient scheduling options are available. 

Tile Cleaning Options

We offer two types of sealant:

Clear Seal: The advantages to clear sealing the areas are:

  1. Moderate Cost
  2. Deep cleans dirt and grime that regular cleaning cannot
  3. Leaves floors looking bright and refreshed
  4. Clear Seal protects against staining and allows tile and grout to be cleaned more easily

The disadvantages to a clear seal is:

  1. May not fully remove all stains from grout
  2. Clear Seal needs to be re-applied approximately every 12-24 months
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Color Seal: The advantages to color sealing the areas are:

  1. Longest lasting value solution
  2. Deep cleans dirt and grime that regular cleaning cannot
  3. Leaves grout looking like new
  4. All stains in grout will disappear
  5. 100% uniform grout color throughout floor
  6. Leaves tiles looking brighter
  7. Protects grout against all stains, guaranteed
  8. Comes with a conditional lifetime warranty (see details below)
  9. May never have to seal grout again

The disadvantages to a color seal is:

  1. None

Bluegrass Cleaning Company’s ColorSeal Conditional Lifetime Warranty:
Bluegrass Cleaning provides an initial 1-year warranty on our ColorSeal. Extend your warranty by allowing us to perform an annual maintenance cleaning of your ColorSealed grout. Please discuss annual maintenance costs with your cleaning representative.

Tile Cleaning Reviews

charlie hannan
charlie hannan
17:53 06 Feb 21
We received excellent carpet cleaning service and grout cleaning from Bluegrass Cleaning Service. The technician, William, was professional and efficient.
Susan Courtemanche
Susan Courtemanche
23:40 04 Aug 22
We had our stair treads and kids playroom carpets cleaned.the service in our Taborlake neighborhood in Lexington was prompt and professional.
Ben Eubank
Ben Eubank
11:54 02 Aug 22
Was very impressed with Bluegrass Cleaning Company. Kevin and his crew were extremely helpful in getting our carpets cleaned in our new home. Very knowledgeable and professional of all the products. Our carpets ended up looking great, excellent service at a great price. Would definitely recommend Kevin and his Bluegrass Cleaning crew to others!
Morgan Chambers
Morgan Chambers
13:30 01 Aug 22
Kevin and his team are amazing! They came to our office and were very punctual, knowledgeable, kind, and did a fantastic job. Our office has never looked better!
Sherry Smith Miller
Sherry Smith Miller
19:26 31 Jul 22
They cleaned carpet for me at my rental unit on a central Avenue. They did an outstanding job! I will definitely use them again!!!

Tile Cleaning Prices

Deep Clean Only: $1.00psf

Deep Clean & Clear Seal: $1.60psf

Deep Clean & Color Seal: $2.75psf

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Tile Cleaning FAQs

How long will it take before I can walk on the floors?

Once we have finished the clean and sealing process you will be able to walk on the floors in as little as two hours.

Will you provide a price quote before starting the job?

Yes, your cleaning crew will perform a proper pre-inspection to gather the needed information in order to provide you with a "to the penny" quote. Only after you have authorized the service will we start cleaning.

Are the cleaning products safe for my family & pets?

Yes, we use only eco-friendly cleaning solutions in the process. There are no toxic fumes or foul odors.

Is your work guaranteed?

Yes, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee with all of our services. Simply put, if you're not happy then you don't pay.
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