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Choose your local cleaning company! We are trustworthy, honest and reliable and have an excellent reputation within the community.

Picking The Right Company!

Clean carpets increase your visitor’s respect for you and your property

Our carpet cleaning services attract your visitor’s respect for you because we don’t just leave your carpets clean, there’s a touch of sparkle in every cleaning service we offer. Below, we show you why you should choose our specialist cleaning services!

Thorough cleaning service

We understand the importance of having a clean carpet free from dirt, moisture, or other contaminants.

Convenience you can’t get anywhere else

You don’t even have to bother about coming down to us with a rug floor covering; we will drive down to your home at your convenience.

Contact us today and find out why we remain the favorite local carpet cleaning company.

why choose bluegrass cleaning

Why We Remain a Local Favorite Carpet Cleaning Company

At the Bluegrass Cleaning Company, we offer the best cleaning services that elevate your home hygiene standard.

We understand the need to retain cleanliness within your home, office, and other establishments.

So, we are here to make that happen in real-time.

Apart from the fact that we’ve tons of reviews to our credits, here a few reasons why we remain the favorite carpet cleaning company in Lexington:

Ready To Use After Cleaning

There’s no need for you to wait all day to get to use your carpet. With our services, you will have your carpet ready to be used as new in as little time as 90 minutes. No need to worry; book an appointment with us today and receive more than what you settled for. There’s a notable change on your carpet when you get to use it after our technicians have carefully cleaned it, and that’s the neat and crisp look it gives back to you.

Free Consultation

If you want to have your carpets inspected before cleaning, you can book a schedule with us by getting in touch. We can arrive at your home, office, or other establishments on the appointed date to freely evaluate what you need us to clean and then proceed to give you the best price that is backed up by a guarantee. Prices are also available over the phone for certain types of work like small residential carpet cleaning projects.

Our Arrival

Timekeeping is very important to us. We will always inform you of a potential late arrival but in general, our personnel will arrive at your home ion time. Our technicians are cheerful and friendly to clients; This is all part of the service and the experience of using a true professional. All operators have the latest technology onboard their vehicles to plan routes, quotations and cleaning jobs so that there is less chance of late arrival at your property.

Customer Service

We don’t just offer cleaning services; we back up our services with a valid guarantee that keeps you as our client a measurement of the quality of our service that we promise to deliver. Our guarantee is one that takes the pressure off of you and replaces it instantly with peace of mind. If our carpet cleaning process fails to meet yours or our normally high-level standard by any means, we will clean the carpet in question again! As a client, you have a principle on how you want your cleaning carried out, and we respect such principles. Once our service does not meet up to your standard and expectation, we’ll gladly make the necessary adjustments as you’ll require.

Top-quality Services

Our team of professionally trained technicians ensures we offer only outstanding carpet cleaning services. You don’t have to worry about allergies, odors, or other environmental hazards because we use eco-friendly cleaning products. We strive to deliver the perfect service on every job with high regard for our client’s satisfaction. We don’t take our clients for granted. So, when we say we deliver 100% satisfaction, that’s what we do.

Just so you can have a neat and long-lasting carpet, we subject your carpet to a power vacuum that rids it of any dirt or contaminant of any sort. We apply citrus-based, low moisture encapsulation treatment on visible stains on the carpet before routine cleaning. Altogether, the process ready your carpet to be restored to its original state, if not better.

Special Care For Your Carpet

We use user-friendly equipment with soft nylon brushes and organic microsponges to dissolve and absorb dirt. We also use them to trap soil, spots, and stains. To cap it all, our cleaning leaves your carpet odor-free. Our team is ready to ensure that your carpet gets carefully cleaned up. Our choice of the cleaning process is unique because we prioritize not just the state of your carpet but your health. We remove every allergy-causing contaminant and dust mite that could pose any threat to your well-being with our carpet cleaning techniques that use deep-down, from the-bottom-up extraction to ensure that no dirt escapes the cleaning process.

Get A Quotation

You are never under any obligation to book a scheduled clean with us as we highly respect and value our clients’ opinions so feel free at anytime to book in a quote to ascertain the correct price and offer you an affordable clean. Once have carried out the inspecting your carpet and have given you the quote, cleaning will commence as soon as possible and you will be given an option on availability.

Healthy Cleaning

For us, it’s vitally important to leave your environment healthy after cleaning. So, we use noiseless and engine-smoke-free equipment. Your carpet’s health is important to us and so is your health so where we can, we will use whisper-quiet rotary carpet cleaning machines. This guarantee and promise to deliver superior services with state-of-the-art technology and environmentally safe solutions wherever possible.