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5 Advantages of Using Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products (1)

5 Advantages of Using Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

I remember the first time I cleaned the bathroom. Fairly young, enthusiastic about helping my parents around the house, and wanting to do my part. It took much longer than it should have, but I was pleased as a punch by the end result. In fact, I was so excited that I felt a bit lightheaded. As it turned out, I was feeling faint, not due to giddiness, but rather due to using quite potent products. My first thought had been how can something that is meant to clean and keep you healthy have adverse effects on you? By going green, you can avoid such difficulties. Let’s take a look at the 5 advantages of using eco-friendly cleaning products. Had I known back in the day, it could have saved me from a few headaches. Did I mention I forgot to use gloves that first time? The state of my hands…

Cleanliness and Health Should Go Hand in Hand

The problem with standard cleaning products is that, while they do get the job done, they can also do a real number on your health. Sometimes, the means simply do not justify the ends. Traditional products are packed full of chemicals; they need to be in order to leave that sink looking spotless. We are talking about the usual suspects, ammonia, chlorine, and the like. What if we told you that using your own vinegar-based cleaning agent to clean the shower, for example, can yield better results? Green cleaning eliminates health risks, as most natural components are in play here.

Quick Break-Down of the Health Benefits of Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

  • Fewer chemicals – We mentioned already that by swapping out ammonia and phthalates for more natural ingredients such as baking soda and vinegar, you could avoid possible nasty side effects. Long-term exposure can lead to skin rashes, allergies, and asthma. Phthalates… the name alone sounds contagious!
  • Strong smells – As I found out the hard way, products such as bleach can leave a strong residual smell, one that can lead to a feeling of dizziness and headaches.
  • Kids like to explore – It’s in their nature. One place you do not want them playing in is the cupboard under the sink. Feels like a logical fallacy that we are worried about our little ones getting their hands on these products, but we are happy to wash every surface of the house with them, the same surface they will crawl over on those same hands and knees.

Green Means More Green

We all know that the benefits of a clean home are multitudinous. Still, when we hear about healthier eating choices, for example, our thoughts inevitably stray to our wallets. Healthier tends to mean more expensive. There’s something about money and its expenditure that seems to make us rethink our priorities sometimes. This is not the case here; sustainable cleaning will not break the bank. In fact, it can cost the same amount and, in many cases, lead to savings. Eco-friendly products can be just as cost-effective, if not even more so. We all think that commercial cleaning products must be better as the commercials for the same cleaning products have told us so, but often we are paying for the brand and that cocktail of chemicals they use to make them. The same ones are ultimately not good for our long-term health.

The Environment Will Thank You

Where do those furious fumes and vile vapors end up? They all drift into the atmosphere. Chlorine, phosphates, nitrates, and other chemicals get into the water too. It’s not easy to filter them all out, and it affects our ecosystem. Eco-friendly products do not contain these ingredients and, as an added benefit, can be packaged in environmentally friendly materials. Guess what cannot? Their traditional counterparts, which, due to their rather potent ingredients, need to be packaged in mostly single-use plastic bottles. The advantages of using eco-friendly cleaning products can, in this case, be seen right there in the name.

Wear and Tear

Due to the abrasive nature of commercial cleaning products, you will often find they take their toll on the surfaces of your belongings, affecting their texture and longevity. Sometimes you can fix or cover the damage yourself, but for more tricky surfaces, such as those wooden floors, you can engage the services of professionals experienced in hardwood floor restoration in Lexington, KY, to make sure the job gets done properly. Still, the idea is to keep things in good condition for as long as possible. Going eco-friendly could result in a longer lifespan for your surfaces and units. Furthermore, green products can often have longer-lasting effects. This leads us neatly to our next point…

Is Natural Less Efficient?

How do natural soaps fair when tested against anti-bacterial soap products, for example? Apparently, they can hold their own! There is little in the way of evidence to support the claim that natural soaps do not get the job done just as well as their commercial siblings. Furthermore, there is mounting proof that points to natural soaps having one substantial advantage: they do not kill the natural bacteria, the healthy kind, that can be found on our skin.


We have covered the main points, but there is one more advantage of using eco-friendly cleaning products. One that is closely linked to the others. Because eco-friendly brands do not use harmful chemicals and compounds, they are more than happy to share with their customers exactly what their products contain. You know, without leaving out some crucial details, by accident. We often obsess about calorie intake and what percentage of what a particular food contains. Maybe some of that interest should be re-diverted to the cleaning products we employ.

Keeping Your Belongings Safe and Clean Even When You Are on the Move

If you have been reading this article, it is probably safe to assume that you maintain a tidy household. Imagine that family heirloom you have been carefully cleaning for years being damaged by inexperienced movers. When preparing for a long-distance relocation in Kentucky, hiring reliable movers is essential, as you want experienced people handling your belongings. A simple relocation within Kentucky should be just that: simple. After having switched to green cleaning products, hiring a reliable moving company will be the second decision that will save you from a potential headache.

Of course, if a few choice items of furniture need a thorough cleaning after the move, why not turn to our upholstery cleaning experts in Lexington, KY to handle everything for you?

Stay Clean By Going Green

Rarely do we find ourselves in win-win situations. When we want to do something useful, it invariably means making some kind of compromise. However, sustainable cleaning is beneficial to both the environment and our health, two things that seem to be intrinsically linked. The aforementioned 5 advantages of using eco-friendly cleaning products offer a strong case for why we should consider this option. In the meantime, kindly explain to your teenager that, while you are grateful for their help, the reason you wear those yellow washing gloves is not that you are making a fashion statement, but for an entirely different reason altogether!

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