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As a professional carpet cleaning company, we know that there is an abundance of questions that existing customers and potential new clients would like to ask and for us to answer.

Below, we go a long way in answering those questions. Of course, we can not answer every cleaning related question possible but we have created a comprehensive list of common questions and the appropriate answers for you to learn more about our service.

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Which Areas Do You Serve?

Our main carpet cleaning service area is Lexington in Kentucky but we cover many suburbs and cities in the state, including, Georgetown, Paris, Nicholasville, Midway and Versailles. If you have any doubt and unsure if we cover your area, then just give us a call or send a message and we will be happy to let you know if we work in your town or city.

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How Far In Advance Do I Need To Book?

Well, it depends on many reasons, including seasonal factors. We tend to be busier during the run-up to Christmas and also the summer months. As a general rule, two weeks is about the average time from making the booking to coming out to clean your carpets so please bear that in mind, when you are planning the work to be done. If you need us in an emergency situation, please still contact us and we will do our best to help you out the best we can at short notice.

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Can You Remove All Stains From The Carpet?

Well, in general, we can usually remove most stains and we have a fantastic percentage rate at removing stains from our customer’s carpets while cleaning. In all honesty, though, some stains can be classed as permanent and can not be fully removed. With our experience, we can generally point out a stain like this at the assessment stage before we start cleaning and we will be fully transparent on whether we can improve what we would class as a permanent stain at all or if it will still be visible after cleaning. The good thing is though, that these types of permanent stains are quite rare and most stains can usually be removed or vastly improved upon after we use our magic!

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How Long Will The Whole Process Take?

There are many factors that determine the time it takes to clean carpets at your property. Factors like the state of soiling, size of the rooms, carpet age, type and number of stains and the cleaning method needed to be used. A carpet may have large traffic areas at the entranceway or have a lot of drink spillages. Other factors can be the location of the property and access issues.

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What Methods Do You Use?

We have an array of carpet cleaning machines and equipment. We will use our expertise to determine the best method and which piece of equipment to use on your precious carpet flooring. The options are –

Hot Water Extraction (HWE), sometimes referred to as wet or steam cleaning

Shampoo, Bonnet and Dry Chemical. These are low moisture cleaning methods

All of these types of cleaning equipment and methods are suited to many types of carpets and situations. At the Bluegrass Cleaning Company, we decide which one is best for that particular circumstance.

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What Types Of Results Can I Expect?

Carpets with a lot of wear and age will never look like brand new again but they will be vastly improved and customers are always surprised at how good the results are after cleaning! We love to exceed expectations and generally do but as mentioned, a carpet that has some age to it and has had poor maintenance will not look like new again but will look totally clean and freshened up. Clients love our results and we have an excellent reputation for removing carpet stains and leaving carpets clean, bright, smelling fresh and revitalized after cleaning.

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How Long Will The Carpet Take To Dry?

Again, it depends on a few factors but as a general rule, usually 3 to 4 hours, although we can sometimes cut that down to an hour or two with our specialist carpet drying equipment. Some areas take longer than others. For example, downstairs rooms and corridors with heavier traffic than upstairs can take a little longer to dry than first-floor bedroom areas.

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How Long Does Furniture Take To Dry?

Upholstered furniture does take longer to dry than carpets usually! This is because upholstery tends to have more of a mixture of fibers compared to your general carpet fiber and will often have more of a natural blend of fabric fibers that generally take longer to dry than carpets. Fabric tends to be more complex than your average carpet fiber makeup and needs to be treated with care but we can still aid the drying process in many cases to bring the time down for when the furniture is out of action but to answer the question, five to six hours would be normal for an upholstered piece of furniture to dry after cleaning. We can bring that time down many times, depending on the fabric construction and use specialist air mover machines to dry upholstery within an hour or two.

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How Long Does It Take Rugs To Dry?

Rugs do take longer to dry than carpets usually. This will depend on the state of soiling, the size of the rug cover, pet soiling, length of the rug fiber and age of the rug. Rugs with a strong pet odour, tend to take longer to clean and have more solution used to clean and deodorize them, therefore, will take longer to dry. As with carpets and upholstery, we can help aid the drying process with specially designed air movers for the industry that will speed up drying and enable you to use it sooner after cleaning. The best option is for you to choose the option of the pickup and delivery service that we have for rugs, where we will arrive to take your floor covering to our rug cleaning plant, where we will deep clean, sanitize and deodorize your rug and also deliver it back to you, clean, smelling great again and in a perfectly dry condition for you to use straight away in your home.

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How Soon Can I walk On The Carpet After Cleaning?

You can walk on the carpet straight away after cleaning in many circumstances. The carpet will be slightly damp after cleaning and can be walked on with clean indoor footwear or shoe protectors. Our cleaning operator will advise you on the best way to do this and will also tell you which parts of the carpets to avoid after cleaning and for how long but in general, customers are always surprised at how quickly they can walk on the flooring after cleaning. Our technicians will also put protection under certain types of furniture to protect the carpet during the drying process and will advise on which small-item furniture you can bring back into the room straight away after cleaning.

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Are You Fully Insured?

Yes, we are fully insured for every eventuality, with both domestic work and commercial projects. Firstly we have fully comprehensive Public Liability Insurance for your peace of mind. This covers you, the customer… We also have an added layer to that insurance which is called Treatment Risk… This is an often neglected part of the insurance by inferior competitors and will cover any item in your property from accidents by an operator. Added to that is Employer Insurance to protect our staff and also Equipment Insurance.


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