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7 Furniture Cleaning Mistakes You Should Avoid

7 Furniture Cleaning Mistakes You Should Avoid

Many start cleaning their houses under the false impression that it’s a pretty straightforward activity. It’s always the same questions that come to mind. How hard could sweeping floors or doing some laundry be? True, these household chores may not appear to be particularly technical at first glance. However, people frequently make the same house cleaning blunders countless times. This prevents them from giving their home the ultimate cleaning treatment. That’s why we recommend you look at the top 7 furniture cleaning mistakes and how to solve them. Of course, sometimes, the proposed solutions might not be available to everyone. Whether it’s the lack of cleaning equipment or something else hindering you from solving your cleaning issues, it’s important to seek professional help. When you’re low on time and need the task done right, hire seasoned experts to help you out with your furniture cleaning in Lexington KY.

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Sometimes it’s not you—it’s the cleaning equipment

Of course, making sure you’ve purchased the right type of cleaning products is as important as utilizing the correct cleaning techniques. If you’re looking to remove stains from your upholstery, you can do it with ready-to-use or homemade cleaning supplies. However, homemade formulas can do more harm than good if you haven’t previously consulted a cleaning expert about their application and effects. In that case, you should contact the store where you bought your furniture to ask for cleaning product recommendations. Otherwise, you can always purchase furniture cleaning services from a reputable cleaning company.

Don’t underestimate the manufacturer’s manuals

Next, consult the manufacturer’s instructions displayed on the packaging of the cleaning product before kickstarting your cleaning session. If you acquired your furniture from a reputable retailer, the salesperson should be able to advise you on what maintenance procedures to follow to maintain your furniture pieces in excellent shape.

Additionally, these instructions are primarily written to aid homeowners in properly preserving the quality of their furniture and avoiding unwanted damage. Whether you’re doing some spring cleaning or relocating, it’s always better to have your upholstery cleaned by an expert—as Rockstar Pro Movers advise. So, the optimal solution is to hire a house cleaning company, which moving professionals will gladly point you towards.

Wrong cleaning methods fall into the biggest furniture cleaning mistakes

Before starting your spring cleaning, check if your cleaning methods are efficient to prevent any costly mistakes. Some people don’t believe that the order in which things are done affects the end result. If you vacuum your rug before dusting the furniture and wiping the windows, you’ll end up with a dirty rug all over again.

So, make sure to do the mopping, dusting, and wiping before you turn your vacuum cleaner on. It’s crucial to let all the dust particles settle before vacuuming. Indeed, this is one of many spring cleaning tips you should utilize to keep your house looking spotless.

Avoid soaking your things in water

One of the most common blunders people make is soaking the stained upholstery with water while cleaning their furniture. Excessive water stops the furnishings from drying correctly, and mold will most likely develop over time, especially in couches, armchairs, etc. Although the surface appears to be dry, excess water can gather behind the padding. It may even remain there for a number of days following the cleanup.

Scrubbing the carpet stains will make them worse

When we accidentally spill something over our new or expensive furniture, we make one of the biggest furniture cleaning mistakes by rushing to clean the stains. What’s more, we do it as quickly as possible to salvage our precious belongings. Scrubbing, however, is what does the actual harm. It locks in the stain and pushes dust particles further into the carpet or upholstery fibers. This makes it much more difficult to remove the stain afterward. There are many carpet cleaning errors that you should stay away from to keep your rug looking brand new.

If it’s a sunny day, skip window cleaning

No one’s especially excited to wipe those windows clean on a sunny day. It may surprise you, but you would be right in thinking so. In actuality, tackling this task would be terrible for your windows in such weather conditions. The water in your cleaning solution will evaporate more quickly in the sun when applied to your window panes. This creates unsightly streaks and stains that prevent you from getting the glass to shine. It’s in your best interest to complete this activity on a cloudier day, especially if your windows are facing the sun.

Omitting walls, doors, and cabinet tops from your cleaning

During our cleaning efforts, we often make important cleaning errors by forgetting to wipe doors, walls, and cabinet tops. What’s more, the most common contact areas include doorknobs and handles, so keeping them clean is a top priority.

On the other hand, walls and cabinet tops are places where you first forget to clean since the dust isn’t immediately apparent. However, they get dusty as fast as any other household item. To keep the germs and dust at bay, you can utilize antibacterial wipes or spray with a microfiber cloth daily.

What have we learned?

As seen above, cleaning your living space isn’t always as simple as it appears at first. In fact, most common furniture cleaning mistakes are made unbeknownst to many since they weren’t aware of them as such. Thankfully, there are a plethora of flexible house cleaners to choose from. Their cleaning teams are ready to assist you in getting the house you deserve by supplying you with the greatest cleaning solutions. Now that you’re armed with ample cleaning advice, your cleaning skills are sure to improve. Go ahead and give your home a proper cleanup!

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