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Move out cleaning checklist

A Move-Out Cleaning Checklist

Moving out brings with it a whole host of challenges. Packing, planning for movers, figuring out the logistics of your new place, etc. So, it might seem like more trouble than it is worth to organize one final cleaning effort in your new home. What does it matter if you’ve cleaned behind yourself, right? Well, it is still a matter of basic manners! Imagine how you would feel to walk into your new home and discover the previous owner had left it in less than stellar condition. In our opinion, this more than justifies the time and energy it takes to do a thorough clean-up. And to help you do just that, we have put together a move-out cleaning checklist!

Scrub the bathroom and take care of any mold

There is plenty to take care of in the bathroom before you can bid your old home goodbye. Of course, most of the cleaning should happen around the toilet, shower, and sink since these locations typically attract the most dirt and bacteria. Do not forget to properly clean and disinfect the toilet bowl, either. Another essential task is to check for mold one final time and eliminate it if you find any. This might not seem like a long list of tasks. Trust us, however, when we say it can take a while. In fact, it is imperative to properly organize cleaning the bathroom so you can do the job relatively leisurely.

Make sure to dust and vacuum every room

There are few worse things than walking into a new house and finding it covered in dust and bits of dirt. Since most would agree with the sentiment, there is no reason not to clean up thoroughly with the future owners in mind. Besides, it is also an excellent chance to go over the spaces where you could have dropped or misplaced small items. Checking just in case you are not leaving behind something you are fond of can’t hurt one final time. If you are in the Lexington, Kentucky area, you can also benefit from the Pet Stain & Odor Removal to make sure no rugs or carpets bear the marks of your pets.

Clean the kitchen appliances thoroughly

Considering the fact that this is where we prepare food, kitchens are surprisingly dirty. The splashing of oil, the bubbling of fat, it all stains and stains badly. Not to mention the layers of nasty gunk that can form if it is not cleaned quickly and in a satisfactory manner. Truth be told, it is often more challenging and nastier to clean a kitchen than it is to clean a bathroom! This is why we recommend you use professional cleaners for this part of the job. After all, if you are moving long-distance to Kentucky, you would, of course, want Kentucky-based professionals to help with your relocation. The same logic applies to cleaning.

Thoroughly clean out your fridge and freezer

If you are making a house cleaning schedule, this should be placed at the tail end despite its importance. After all, you will need food up to the day of your departure. However, do not by any means assume cleaning a fridge or a freezer is easy. Both will need to be turned off several hours in advance of the cleaning. The freezer will still likely have at least some ice for you to scrape off the sides and plenty of bits of formerly frozen food at the bottom. When cleaning the fridge, you need to pay particular attention to the door seal since a lot of dirt accumulates in or around it. Both tasks make this one of the messier jobs on a move-out cleaning checklist.

Check the cabinets and pantry

Taking care of cabinets and the pantry, in contrast, is one of the more relaxing tasks on a move-out cleaning checklist. The panty might take a bit more work since you will need to vacuum and dust the shelves and floor. Cabinets are easily wiped down, though you may want to use either wet wipes or a rag with medicinal alcohol to sterilize them. What is really important is that you check both locations for any food you may have forgotten to dispose of. If you fail to do this, the next owner of the house might find several nasty and moldy surprises waiting for them.

Clean the windows and mirrors

One of the final few things to do is to wipe down all the windows and mirrors in the house. Since this is not done very often, chances are there will be plenty of scrubbing to do. Still, it isn’t very physically intense work and should not tax you too much. As a bonus, you get to see your old home sparkly clean one final time before you move out.

Do not forget the attic and basement

This might be the last entry on a move-out cleaning checklist, but it is no less important than the rest. Attics and basements are hard to keep completely clean even when a house is regularly maintained. However, you want to primarily make sure you have not forgotten anything in either location while looking out for mold or signs of water damage. Removing mold in either room is complicated, so it would be best to look for professional help if you do find signs of such damage. Otherwise, simply dusting and vacuuming the rooms one final time will do.

Final Words

This typically marks the end of a move-out cleaning checklist. The tasks ahead of you might be difficult and physically challenging, such as scrubbing the bathroom or kitchen appliances. If you decide to do them yourself, of course. However, we are sure you can do it, and that your move will go smoothly.



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