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Kordale Shaban

Founder of Bluegrass

Kordale Shaban Service Technician for Bluegrass Company

Start Date: 9/20/2021

Born in Morehead, KY but raised in Lexington, Kordale has seen a lot of Lexington has to offer but loves it like home. He grew up mostly working in fast food service but has recently decided to join the Bluegrass Company team!

Family Life: 
Raised by his Grandparents, Kordale also has a younger brother and sister.

Pets: A Pit-Boxer mix named Winne and a Pit-Lab mix named Hogan.

Hobbies: Video Games, Writing, and Music

What I like most about my profession:
 I love getting to meet new customers and knowing that we’re helping them get the work they need to be done to their satisfaction. It’s nice to hear a job well done!