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Booking Success!

We have received your request for service and you will be getting an email notification once the appointment has been added to the system. There are a few things you can do to prepare for a 5-Star Service Experience:

Next Steps:

  • On the day of service please remove any knick-knacks or breakables from nightstands or end tables that you would like for us to move and clean under.

  • We will use commercial-grade HEPA vacuums before cleaning your carpet and upholstery, but we ask you to make a few quick passes with your vacuum over the high-traffic areas. This will allow our machines to focus on the finer dry particulates so you get a very thorough cleaning.

  • Please leave a space in the driveway, closest to the main entry, for our service vehicle. That way our technicians can work efficiently moving from the van to the property.