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Get Your Streak Off

Everyone loves cleaning the windows in their home. Right? Maybe not. But when you have to do it, it sure is easier if you have some window-cleaning best practices in mind.

You may choose the very best window cleaning solution, the most lint-free cloths, but often you end up with streaks that just won’t seem to go away no matter how much you rub and buff.

Here are some tips to ensure a complete window cleaning job — without those pesky streaks.

Choose your solution

You can, of course, purchase a quality window cleaning solution from your favorite grocery or department store.

Another option is to make your own, using the power of vinegar. Vinegar is inexpensive and helps kill germs on contact. For spraying on windows, it’s non-toxic and safe (although sometimes a little smelly). Vinegar breaks down soils and films that cause streaking, so it’s one way to limit streaks after the cleaning is accomplished.

But don’t use just vinegar; that’s too strong and unnecessary, and you need to boost the power of vinegar with other solutions. It’s best to mix your vinegar (1/3) with water (2/3) and add a tiny drop of dish detergent. This has a two-fold effect: You are getting a little more grease-cutting power, and you can better see the progress as you clean your windows.

The cleaning process

The traditional method of window cleaning is to spray the solution (either store-bought or homemade) onto the glass and then wiping it off with paper towels. If you use paper towels, choose a high-quality brand that doesn’t leave lint. Even better would be lint-free cotton towels.

Do the cleaning in two steps. The first is to apply a heavy amount of window cleaning solution to the glass and remove it with the towels. Do it again with a light missing of the solution and clean and polish until the window looks great. The first, heavier application removes virtually all the soil and film, and the second finishes it off nicely.

It’s best when working the towel on the glass, to use consistent circular motions or go in the same direction. When cleaning the opposite side, do the opposite of what you did on the original side.

And don’t forget, for all your cleaning needs, from floors to furniture and more, do the right thing. Call your favorite cleaning company. After all, it pays to call a pro!

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