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How Much Is Carpet Cleaning?

How Much Is Carpet Cleaning?

If you have carpet in your home, you know it’s next to impossible to keep it looking brand new. Normal life simply doesn’t allow for pristine carpets! Whether it’s dirty shoes tracking in mud from the yard, pets that aren’t quite potty-trained, kids leaving markers on the floor, or regular wear and tear over time, carpet can quickly become stained or dingy looking, leaving your home looking less than its best. For those who choose to go the DIY stain removal route, there are plenty of commercially available carpet cleaning products as well as carpet steam cleaners you can rent, but professional carpet cleaners have both the expertise and the professional equipment to tackle deeper stains and bigger jobs. Hiring a professional is the best way to get your carpet restored to its former glory, but how much does carpet cleaning cost? The answer to that question isn’t as simple as you may think, as the size of a room, which carpet cleaning method is used, and add-ons like spot treatments all have an impact on the total price — but it actually may be far more affordable than you think. Here we’ll examine the various pricing structures typically used by carpet cleaning professionals, along with the different carpet cleaning methods and their applications, and how to get the best bang for your buck.


Prices for professional carpet cleaning can vary dramatically, so it’s vital to shop around and ensure you’re getting both quality and value for your hard-earned money and your time investment. When calling a carpet cleaning professional to inquire about their services, be sure to inquire whether they charge by the room or by the square foot, as well as which carpet cleaning method(s) they use and whether they charge for any add-ons you may need. Asking these questions will ensure you find the best carpet cleaning professional for your unique needs.

By the room

If you’ve done research on hiring a carpet cleaner, you’ll realize that most carpet cleaning companies charge by the room. Prices per room typically range from $50 to $90 depending on the company. While charging by the room seems simple and in theory, makes it easy to calculate how much you’ll spend, it can quickly become both complex and expensive. While small or average-sized rooms are generally covered under the aforementioned average rates, larger rooms such as an oversized family room or an open floorplan living area may be considered to count as two or even three “rooms.” Also consider the smaller areas in your house that need cleaning, such as the stairway, entryway, or hallways; these can be considered a room of their own and charged accordingly, which means those per-room prices stack up fast. Some companies will also vary their pricing depending on the type of carpet in your home, so there are a lot of variables at play.

By the square foot

Other carpet cleaning professionals take the approach of charging by the square foot. This makes it easy to figure out exactly how much it will cost to clean your desired areas: Simply take the dimensions of each room and multiply them to find the square footage, then calculate the price of your carpet cleaning by multiplying the square footage by the company’s price per square foot. Paying by the square foot simplifies the pricing structure and means you’ll only pay for exactly what gets cleaned.

Here at Bluegrass Company, we don’t believe in silly per-room prices. You’ll only pay for the carpet we clean, at the cost-effective price of 48 cents per square foot. We also offer volume discounts as low as 42 cents per square foot, meaning the more you get cleaned, the more you save!


When pricing out carpet cleaning professionals, it’s also vital to take into account what cleaning methods are being used. These days there are numerous ways to clean carpet, and some methods may be better suited for your home, lifestyle, type of carpet and level of soiling. The carpet cleaning method used will also affect the price you pay, so it’s important to ask these questions when getting a quote. Here are the most common carpet cleaning methods you’ll encounter when shopping for a carpet cleaning professional:


Just like shampooing your hair, carpet shampooing involves scrubbing detergent into the carpet to pull out dirt and debris and then rinsing with hot water until the carpet is clean. Because this method uses a large amount of water, the carpet typically needs a few hours or overnight to dry before it can be walked on.


With this method, a cleaning agent is applied that “encapsulates” the dirt in your carpet. Once the carpet is dry, the dirt is removed by vacuuming. This method uses less moisture and is therefore good for high-traffic areas that would be hard to avoid, such as an entryway.

Steam cleaning/hot water extraction

Steam cleaning, or hot water extraction, uses high-pressure hot water to dissolve dirt and grime that resides in the carpet fibers. This method involves the use of a steam cleaner because the amount of moisture involved typically requires a few hours of drying time for the carpet following cleaning.

Dry cleaning

If having a damp carpet for hours doesn’t fit your lifestyle, dry cleaning is another option. With this low-moisture method, the carpet is pre-treated with a cleaning agent that is buffed in. As the cleaning agent is removed, all the dirt and oil trapped in the carpet fibers goes with it, and the carpet is back in action quickly.


If you’ve decided to hire a professional carpet cleaner, you want to make sure the job gets done thoroughly and makes your life easier, not harder! Some carpet companies charge for each and every add-on, from moving your furniture out of the way to spot-treating, particularly dirty or stained areas. Here at Bluegrass Company, we offer what’s known as an IICRC Certified clean, meaning we take care of everything from start to finish to get your carpet looking beautiful. A comprehensive Bluegrass Company carpet cleaning includes:

  • Pre-vacuuming
  • Edging
  • Spot treatments
  • Moving light & medium furniture to accommodate cleaning
  • Deep cleaning
  • Conditioning
  • Final raking of the carpet to make it look brand new


When shopping for a professional carpet cleaner, it’s not as simple as just finding out what it costs or choosing the cheapest option. There are many factors that affect the price of a professional carpet cleaning, and whether the company charges per room or per square foot will impact how much you pay. Additionally, add-ons like spot treatments can quickly make the process more expensive.

At Bluegrass Company, we charge only for the actual square footage of cleanable space, meaning you pay for exactly what we clean and not a penny more. We tailor our carpet cleaning methods to each client, offering dry, low-moisture, and steam cleaning depending on what’s best for your home. If you’re ready to get your carpets looking beautiful again, give us a call to schedule your carpet cleaning today.

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