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Chocolate on carpeted area

How to remove chocolate from your carpets

In all of the candy-fueled excitement, someone may have dropped some chocolate on your carpets. Don’t panic! We can help. As with most substances, the faster it is noticed and removed the less chance there will be permanent damage to the carpet fibers. Please note, this process is safe for most types of carpets but we can not be held liable for any damage due to improper usage or application of this process. Always be sure to test any cleaning solutions in an inconspicuous area before using them.

How to remove chocolate from your carpets:

1) Take a spoon and scrape off as much of the chocolate residue from the carpet fibers as possible.

2) After the bulk of the chocolate has been removed, use a vacuum, and quickly run it over the area to remove any remaining chunks of chocolate. The tool attachment works better for this step than the beater bar of your vacuum. (Skip the vacuuming if the substance is melted.)

3) Pour a small amount of cold water on the spot and use a clean cloth to work from the outside toward the center of the stain. Continue blotting at the spot until the chocolate has released.

4) If the stain will not release from the fibers using water then mix a small amount of non-bleach liquid dish detergent with water and pour on the chocolate stain. Agitate it into the fibers with a clean cloth and let sit for 3 to 5 minutes.

5) Absorb as much of the solution as you can, then rinse it again with plain cold water and a clean part of your cloth. (There is a good chance the spot will re-appear later if you had to add detergent to your process. Be sure to rinse it out well to avoid this problem.)

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