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You’re on your way to a cleaner and healthier home.

Preparing for Your House Cleaner

Whether you’ve just booked your first house cleaner or your first cleaner in a while, it’s always good to do a refresher on preparing for a house cleaner. 

You can do some simple things to ensure that your house cleaner can do their best work and that your home will have that deeply satisfying, deeply clean feeling when they’re done working. 

Declutter Your Floors & Counters

Let’s start with the most essential tip: have the surfaces you want cleaned clutter-free. 

This single action will ensure two things. First, there will be no confusion regarding where items go; you’ll put away the important ones. Second, your house will be cleaned faster so you can get back to your daily routine more quickly.

While house cleaners may help tidy up toys, shoes, and stray items, their main job is to clean, not organize personal items. If all surfaces are ready to clean, they’ll do a better job – and in less time. 

Deal with Your Dirty Dishes

Generally, we don’t wash dishes or deal with food messes. At the most, we can load the dishwasher if the customer puts in a special request.

Washing and putting away your dirty dishes allows your house cleaner to access areas they do clean, like your sink and kitchen countertops. 

Put Away Your Valuables

House cleaners are very careful from the moment they set foot in your house. However, accidents happen. If any item of value could easily get broken, please put it somewhere safe.

Additionally, if you have smaller valuables (jewelry, coins, etc.), it’s always best to ensure those are secure before inviting anyone into your home. 

While our company goes through rigorous background and criminal check processes for every cleaner, it’s best to ensure that the items you value are not lying around when your cleaner arrives. 

Move or Secure Fragile Items

In the same line as valuable objects, if there’s a delicate item, move it or store it somewhere safe. If you’d like your cleaner to take care of it, but it needs to be cleaned in a specific way, let the cleaner know in advance.

Secure Your Pets

Bluegrass Company is absolutely a pet-friendly house cleaning service in Lexington. However, it’s still essential for everyone’s safety to ensure that your furry friend is in a secure location where we will not be cleaning.

Leave Special Instructions for Your Cleaner

Always communicate with your house cleaner, especially if you have specific requests within the bounds of the work your house cleaner will do. If you want your cleaner to pay special attention to an area of your house, leave out another, or tell them there’s a problem with a faucet, communicate with them verbally when they arrive at your home. A note on the fridge – or somewhere obvious and visible – is always welcomed as well.  

Follow Proper House Cleaner Etiquette

Both you, as a homeowner, and we, as house cleaners, want the cleaning session to go as smoothly as possible. For that to happen, following proper house cleaning etiquette is essential. There’s not much else to it than what’s stated above. Don’t worry if you forget something the first time a house cleaner comes. You’ll get the hang of it, the more cleaning services you hire.