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Author: Kevin Ivers

Carpet Cleaning… How Often Is Enough?

How Often Should I Have My Carpets Cleaned?

A very common question we are frequently asked is, “How often should I get my carpets cleaned?” It’s an understandable question. After all, having your carpets cleaned can be a disruption to your daily routine. Then there is the expense of professional cleaning. It makes sense not to get your carpets cleaned any more often than necessary. However, some people think they should wait as long as possible. They believe that once cleaned, carpets get dirty faster. There is some truth to this consumer myth.

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What is that smell? Odor Removal Guide

What is That SMELL?

Since unpleasant odors are sometimes an indication of a potentially infectious, hazardous, or unsanitary condition, the presence of bad odors can induce psychological or emotional stress and even cause physical discomfort. Spraying deodorants and perfumes will simply mask odors temporarily and are not effective for long-term success.

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How often should I clean my carpets?

How often should I clean my carpets and area rugs?

Deep cleaning carpet and area rugs all through the house are an important part of home maintenance. We advocate deep cleaning your carpet at the very least once each 12 months. However, in some conditions, you ought to be deep cleaning your carpet on a more regular basis. In the event you’re wondering how often you should deep clean your carpet or area rugs, we have compiled a listing of professional recommendations below.

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Area Rug General Care & Maintenance Guide

Area Rug General Care Guide

Most of today’s vacuums are designed for high-powered suction on hard surfaces and wall-to-wall carpets. Because of this, they are often too aggressive for use on rugs in a normal setting. Upright or canister vacuums that don’t include a beater bar are the best choice, but a standard vacuum on a low-power setting will work.

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How to remove chocolate from your carpets

In all of the candy-fueled excitement, someone may have dropped some chocolate on your carpets. Don’t panic! We can help. As with most substances, the faster it is noticed and removed the less chance there will be permanent damage to the carpet fibers. Please note, this process is safe for most types of carpets but we can not be held liable for any damage due to improper usage or application of this process. Always be sure to test any cleaning solutions in an inconspicuous area before using them.

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5 Easy Things You Should Do Before Your Carpet Cleaner Arrives

You’re getting your carpets cleaned! Congratulations on making the smart decision to hire a professional carpet cleaner to improve the look, smell, feel, and longevity of your carpets.

Once your carpet cleaner arrives at your home, they’ll be doing all of the work. But, there are 5 easy things you can do before they get there to ensure the most efficient and effective cleaning for your carpets.

1. Clear Your Carpeted Areas

The first thing that you should do is clear the carpeted area as much as possible. Things like lamps, plants, tables, and chairs all cover the areas of the carpet that need cleaning. The more of your carpet that is clear, the more your technician will be able to clean.

Your carpet cleaner will let you know in advance what types of furniture they move. They’ll also let you know whether or not they charge an extra fee for moving heavy items such as beds, couches, or televisions.

In addition to clearing as much as you can (or waiting for your carpet cleaner to do it if it’s included in their service), you should also remove any extremely fragile items from the carpeted area. Your carpet cleaner will take great care throughout your home. But, if you have a place to stow fragile pieces, it’s a smart precaution to take.

2. Inspect Your Carpets

Once you’ve cleared the carpeted areas, you should do your own inspection of your carpet. Your carpet cleaner will inspect your carpet when they arrive at your home. But, it’s extremely useful for you to do your own inspection first.

Take a walk around, and look closely. Pay special attention to the areas that were hidden by furniture. Note the locations of the spots and stains. Even better, if you can remember what caused the stain, note that too. Also, take note of the high-traffic areas on your carpet and the traffic pattern in your home.

Now that you’ve inspected your carpet yourself, you are prepared to give your carpet cleaner a tour. You’ll be able to show them the spots and stains so they’re sure to treat them. You’ll also be able to explain which areas of your home get the most traffic.

Your pre-inspection increases the efficiency of your carpet cleaning because you can quickly familiarize your carpet cleaner with the unique challenges of your carpet.

3. Plan for Your Pets

Your pets are part of your family. Let your carpet cleaner know in advance that you have furry children. That way your cleaner can come prepared with the proper solutions for treating pet-related soils. They might even bring a treat for Fido or Kitty too.

Once your carpet cleaner meets and greets your friendly pets, you’ll need to keep your pets out of the carpeted areas until after the carpets are fully dry. Set your pets up in a non-carpeted area of your house. Make sure they have access to food, water, and the outdoors. Borrow gates from friends and neighbors if necessary. Or, consider asking a friend or family member to take your pets on a brief play date.

4. Make Room in Your Driveway

It’s very helpful if your carpet cleaner can park their van in your driveway. Their hot water extraction machine is mounted in their truck. By parking in your driveway, their truck and all of their equipment are as close as possible to your house. Parking in your driveway also allows your cleaner to keep their hoses on your property instead of on the sidewalk or in your neighbor’s yard. And, their equipment is surely safe from theft in your driveway as well.

5. Prepare Your Family

When your carpet cleaner is done with their service, your carpets will still be a little bit moist. While your cleaner is in your home, they will have worked hard to extract most of the water from your carpets. They’ll also have placed fans strategically throughout your home to speed up the drying of your carpet. But, your carpets will still need a little bit of time to completely air dry. Your technician will let you know how much additional time you will have to wait. They’ll also let you know what you can do on your own to increase airflow around your carpets and encourage fast drying.

You should make a plan in advance for how you and your family (and your pets) will stay off of your carpets until they are fully dry. Make sure the laptop is in the kitchen instead of the living room. Plan a family date night out to dinner and to the movies. And if you can’t avoid walking on your newly cleaned carpets, ask your cleaner for some shoe coverings (booties).

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Coat Drive for the Lexington Salvation Army

While I do love cleaning carpets and creating a great service experience for my customer, I also believe it is important to teach my children to be of service to others and that we should leave this world in better shape than we found it.


During the week it seemed that Channel 18 and 27 news was on a non-stop loop asking for donations of winter clothing for the Lexington Salvation Army. With so many cold spells hitting Central Kentucky so quickly the Lexington Salvation Army was quickly running out of jackets and warm winter clothing. After checking Facebook and other social media outlets it didn’t take long to realize the problem wasn’t a lack of coats but a lack of transportation. Many of our Lexington residents had donations to give but no way to get them to the people who needed them most.

We spent our weekend running all over Lexington, Nicholasville, and Georgetown collecting clothing from donors. It was a great way to spend the weekend with the kids, even if it was a little cold. I think it made the boys and I appreciate what we had just a little more. The girls, on the other hand, I can’t vouch for. They were bundled up in the warm cozy house taking phone calls and keeping the van running efficiently. In conclusion, it was a huge win not only for me as a parent but for the Lexington Salvation Army. We were able to collect almost 400 coats for the people who needed them most and I would do it again in a heartbeat. Thank You For Your Support!


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Hello Lexington Neighbors!

We here at Bluegrass Company are so excited to announce the launch of our business. After almost a decade in the carpet cleaning industry, both here and in South Carolina, Kevin decided to open his own carpet cleaning business so he could focus on environmentally friendly cleaning techniques. Where better to open a local, family-run company than right here in the Bluegrass where we were raised?

We are happy to be back in Lexington, Kentucky with our families, content to be raising our children in such a beautiful state, and excited to serve you, our fellow Kentuckians.

We are parents to four children and a rambunctious dog so we understand the need to keep carpeting and upholstery clean and fresh. We also understand how quickly it can become dirty and how hard it can be to keep those active kids and pets off of damp carpeting and couches. That is why it is our promise, from our family to yours, to provide you with prompt service using safe, non-toxic cleaning solutions and fast-drying cleaning techniques.

We look forward to serving you, neighbor. To book your appointment, call (859) 537-4779. Be sure to check us out on Facebook and Twitter for Social Media Specials.

Thank You,

Bluegrass Company
3323 Wood Valley Ct, Lexington, KY 40502
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