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Bluegrass Company Announces Launch of New Website

Founder Kevin Ivers said the new website is easier to navigate from a computer or a mobile device and performs much faster than the old website, with load times averaging a full-page load in under a second. The menu has also been changed so that it is shorter and more user-friendly. The revamped look still presents everything people need to know about the company.

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Coat Drive for the Lexington Salvation Army

While I do love cleaning carpets and creating a great service experience for my customer, I also believe it is important to teach my children to be of service to others and that we should leave this world in better shape than we found it.


During the week it seemed that Channel 18 and 27 news was on a non-stop loop asking for donations of winter clothing for the Lexington Salvation Army. With so many cold spells hitting Central Kentucky so quickly the Lexington Salvation Army was quickly running out of jackets and warm winter clothing. After checking Facebook and other social media outlets it didn’t take long to realize the problem wasn’t a lack of coats but a lack of transportation. Many of our Lexington residents had donations to give but no way to get them to the people who needed them most.

We spent our weekend running all over Lexington, Nicholasville, and Georgetown collecting clothing from donors. It was a great way to spend the weekend with the kids, even if it was a little cold. I think it made the boys and I appreciate what we had just a little more. The girls, on the other hand, I can’t vouch for. They were bundled up in the warm cozy house taking phone calls and keeping the van running efficiently. In conclusion, it was a huge win not only for me as a parent but for the Lexington Salvation Army. We were able to collect almost 400 coats for the people who needed them most and I would do it again in a heartbeat. Thank You For Your Support!


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Hello Lexington Neighbors!

We here at Bluegrass Company are so excited to announce the launch of our business. After almost a decade in the carpet cleaning industry, both here and in South Carolina, Kevin decided to open his own carpet cleaning business so he could focus on environmentally friendly cleaning techniques. Where better to open a local, family-run company than right here in the Bluegrass where we were raised?

We are happy to be back in Lexington, Kentucky with our families, content to be raising our children in such a beautiful state, and excited to serve you, our fellow Kentuckians.

We are parents to four children and a rambunctious dog so we understand the need to keep carpeting and upholstery clean and fresh. We also understand how quickly it can become dirty and how hard it can be to keep those active kids and pets off of damp carpeting and couches. That is why it is our promise, from our family to yours, to provide you with prompt service using safe, non-toxic cleaning solutions and fast-drying cleaning techniques.

We look forward to serving you, neighbor. To book your appointment, call (859) 537-4779. Be sure to check us out on Facebook and Twitter for Social Media Specials.

Thank You,

Bluegrass Company
3323 Wood Valley Ct, Lexington, KY 40502
(859) 888-1515

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